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Emerging Trends in Enterprise Mobility

As the buzz around Enterprise Mobility continues to grow and new mobility platforms continue to emerge, companies all over the world are engaged in providing a wide variety of applications designed to meet the diverse requirement of users. Organizations all over the world are currently introducing various Enterprise Mobility Solutions to boost employee productivity and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Currently deployed Enterprise Mobility Solutions are mainly focused providing employees with on the go access to:

  • Email
  • Calendar and Contacts
  • Instant Messaging
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Enterprise Telephony

Currently, the key focus of most Enterprise Mobility Applications is to facilitate superior connectivity among employees, partners, vendors and clients, while simultaneously improving employee productivity. However, the market requirements are changing rapidly and in the recent future, key applications provided by our Offshore Development Centre in India would focus on key client’s requirements and introduce new solutions according to key market requirements. As businesses evolve and newer mobility requirements as well as devices are introduced, new areas of Enterprise Mobility Solutions are expected to emerge. Emerging application areas for Enterprise Mobility Solutions would include:

  • Document Management Applications
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA) Applications
  • Business Intelligence Applications (Dashboards)
  • Composite Applications

Document Management Applications

Currently available Enterprise Mobility technologies allow organizations to move beyond the use of paper documents and use various secure electronic documents to maintain comprehensive records of business processes and transactions. However, the use of such e-documents leads to various issues pertaining to the proper management and storage of these electronic documents. eXtendCode’s Document Management Services including those based on Adobe Interactive Solutions, provide organizations with the capability to effectively, efficiently and securely manage all e-documents generated by various sources including workers operating from a remote location.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications

The CRM functionality provided by Enterprise Mobility Solutions allows organizations to implement various strategies, processes and policies which unify enterprise-wide customer interaction across various departments. CRM solutions developed by eXtendCode’s Offshore Development Centre allows clients to collate customer data across the enterprise for conceiving new business strategies and introducing targeted marketing campaigns. These applications act as a vital tool for ensuring superior customer satisfaction and facilitating continued growth of the organization’s business.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) Applications

SFA functionality of Enterprise Mobility Solutions provides field workers with access to various key data such as customer account information, review of order status, ad hoc sales reports and inventory information, while on the move. Additionally, SFA solutions also enable a company’s mobile workforce to continuously update sales and client contact information to the company’s server in real-time to ensure enterprise-wide availability of up to date information. Thus SFA solutions free up resources and simultaneously streamline enterprise processes to improve enterprise-wide productivity.

Business Intelligence Applications (Dashboards)

Business Intelligence Applications refer to various technologies and solutions including dashboards, which are used for collecting, storing, analyzing as well as providing instantaneous access to critical enterprise-wide or department-wise data. The instant access to business intelligence data provided by such solutions helps the organization’s management by facilitating informed decision making. Key business intelligence functions performed include data mining; forecasting; statistical analysis; OLAP (online analytical processing); reporting and query; as well as decision support systems. The Business Intelligence applications currently provided by our Custom Software Development Centre in India are based on Microsoft, SAP as well as various Open Source platforms.

Composite Applications

In current Enterprise networks, monolithic systems are no longer capable of ensuring proper management all data collected throughout the enterprise. Hence, the Enterprise mobility market is expected to move towards a rising number of composite applications. Through the use of such composite applications, an organization can ensure seamless data flow as well as enhanced security of data throughout the enterprise network.

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