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Manage and Track Your Customers on Daily Basis

Using eXtendCode’s CRM solution, enterprise users can manage all relevant customer information easily and effectively. Such information includes contact information, customer preferences, customer communication, sales order/invoice information and much more, which helps organizations track their customer better and serve them with superior efficiency.



Improve Assets ROI by Effective Asset Maintenance

Using eXtendCode's Asset Management solution, enterprise users can track current status, working condition, asset allocation to tasks / employees along with maintenance plans. Such comprehensive record keeping ensures that each and every asset is available in its prime state when required and increases the accountability of employees who are loaned such assets for specific company tasks, which play a key role in improving the overall ROI of each asset.



Staffing and Hiring

By deploying the Human Capital Manager solution of eXtendCode, the HR department can track all relevant staffing and hiring procedures for every employee. Managing these procedures is crucial for smooth operations of the overall recruitment and selection procedure within the organization. Key staffing and hiring steps tracked by the application include initial assessments, face to face interview, HR interview as well as others.


Human Capital Management HCM HRM

Central Monitoring of Performance at Regional and Store Levels

A majority of retail stores exist as part of a larger chain and in such cases, informed decision making by management would involve both single stores as well as the chain. The integrated centralized monitoring system with eXtendCode Retail POS ensures that the management can easily track the performance of both individual retail stores as well as the overall chain to make informed business-critical decisions.


High quality POS Retail Management

Efficient Processing of Invoices using OCR

eXtendCcode Vendor Management solution supports a wide range of functions including barcodes, RFID and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). By using the OCR support incorporated into our solution, warehousing and accounting departments can easily speed up their handling of invoices. This increase in efficiency translates into less errors, reduced pay out delays and improves organization-vendor relations.


Web-based Vendor Management Applications

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  • Experience

    We are a key player in the Hospitality, Automobile and Construction segment with experience of more than 40 years among its founders in software products and services in US, India and Australia.

  • Analysis

    We use our extensive industry experience for identifying suitable enterprise applications to extend core business processes of our customers and partners to the enterprise periphery as well as beyond.

  • Strategies

    We align ourselves with the core business of customers and partners to facilitate execution of IT projects including custom software development, cloud computing and mobile applications.

  • Support

    We not only implement IT to the enterprise, we at eXtendCode help our customers and partners beyond implementation. We also support you in the post-implementation phase.


Why Choose Us?

eXtendCode is a reputed software development company focusing on two lines of business; software development services and product development. The company has combined experience of more than 40 years in software development among its founders. The company focuses on SME segment in Retail, Automobile and Construction sectors. eXtendCode truly extends customers’ business processes within its ecosystem by bringing in partners, customers, vendors using IT. eXtendCode enables extended enterprises by providing excellent software development services with Open Source, mobile, cloud and .NET technologies. eXtendCode excels in providing enterprise mobility solutions on iPhone, Android and Windows using heterogeneous platforms and technologies, which extends reach of core business applications to enterprise periphery and beyond.
eXtendCode has deep expertise in enabling enterprise solutions for various application domains such as Customer, Vendor, Employee, Partners, Training, Inventory, Assets, Accounting, POS. Its team is skilled in enabling integrated solutions using multiple application domains and heterogeneous technologies. It enables effective solutions to improve customer productivity using latest interfaces on mobile devices, tablets and conventional PCs. eXtendCode ensures that the solutions are continuously aligned with customer’s roadmap delivering optimized ROI within smaller time cycles. It has an effective network of industry experts in IT and related topics which they bring in to deliver solutions with unmatched quality.


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